Welcome! Deeper Missions is now Healthy Schools International.

We are making this change to better serve our mission to help students thrive in rural Sierra Leone and Kenya by providing their schools with eco-friendly water, sanitation and energy solutions.

This name change is a celebration of the good work our donors and friends have helped us accomplish since 2010. It is also a way to best express our focus and passion for helping to break the poverty cycle through education, and working with communities to make their schools a healthier, safer place to grow and learn.

We are passionate about this mission as I’m sure you are. Help us build on the successes our supporters have already helped acheive: please, click here to make a donation now.


Formed in 2010 as Deeper Missions, Inc, with a vision of bringing clean infrastructure to communities in Africa, starting in Sierra Leone, we honed our mission to focus on the double-win of helping make schools a healthier and safer place for students.

We do this through eco-friendly infrastructure such as clean water, safe sanitation and solar electricity projects. Additionally, we work with school and community leaders to develop revenue-generating business models so there are funds always available for the upkeep of the systems.