Healthy Students Need Safe Sanitation

November 19th was World Toilet Day. Why would that be “a thing”?

Anywhere in the world where there are people living together, there is going to human waste to manage; every home, every village, every city, every country.

And every year, millions of people, particularly children and the infirm, suffer and often die from enteric disease. School days are missed, learning is affected, students suffer short- and long-term impacts.

There is no safety or safe sanitation here

Human waste management is essential for healthy schools.

Many countries are still economically developing and are unable to either afford the cost of large infrastructure projects (think building a lot of septic treatment plants and then either trucking or piping the waste to them) or, a more difficult reality, there is not reliable access to water (clean, grey or otherwise) that would support a water-based waste management system.

We have selected the Enviro-Loo by Enviro Options in South Africa as the primary solution for human waste management at the rural schools we partner with in Sierra Leone and Kenya. We’ve installed them with great success in varied settings (schools, church, small hospital) in Sierra Leone.

The featured photo for this post shows these “Eloos” installed at a primary school outside Nairobi, Kenya.

Photo of children in Sierra LeoneSafe sanitation helps keep students healthy and thriving. They can then have a good shot at growing up to be healthy, contributing citizens who can help break the poverty cycle.

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